Better Together

Today the clock rolls past 36 years old for this body of mine here on Earth. Three days ago, a friend that I haven’t kept in touch with enough but considered a beautiful soul and a wonderful mother of two, passed away. Unexpectedly. Suddenly. And breaking the hearts of everyone who knew her. This year has been very emotional and given us a lot of reason for reflection and directing our lives toward putting our energy into the things that bring us happiness and peace. SO I have found a group of local women in business to work with on a new project in March. We want to create something beautiful and showcase what we’re all capable of doing. It has been a few years since I arranged a project just for the love of creativity, and this year I am going to find my passion and put my focus on the style I love to create.

Until those image are made available, I have weddings, birthdays, newborns and engagements to show you!

2017 Wedding Update| Swift Current Photographer

Hello Brides! My business partnerships have changed and grown over the years, and that affects my pricing. This year, it is super good news for you!! My rate adjustment brings my package price down this year, and does not affect the product you recieve – how is that for win-win!?! Find the details here, or send me an email!

My bookings started a bit late this year, so I have to wait a few more weeks to shoot my first wedding of 2017, but I am so excited!!campbell-wedding-fb-07