Bumble & Vine Photography

***Our new website and home is bumbleandvine.ca***  As of July 29, 2017 this page will not be updated. You are welcome to look through this site; it will remain active as we transition to our new name.

Many of you know where Jackson Designs comes from – my maiden name, but what most of you don’t realize is that the name was chosen while building my business in graphic design, not photography.

It was chosen to convey a professional corporate image fitting for that industry, BUT since moving into wedding and family photography I’ve been feeling like “Jackson Designs” doesn’t convey the kind of warmth and creativity I want people to see.

So, that leaves me with this exciting announcement: on August 01, 2017 Jackson Designs will become Bumble & Vine Photography. The logo is in the works, but the name is registered, and the domain is mine!!

With success comes social responsibility. As I transition Jackson Designs to Bumble and Vine Photography, I am introducing a new plan to give back in two ways:

When my dad passed away, we realized that we only had a handful of pictures of him, and only a couple with one or two of us in there with him. To keep his memory alive, and prevent that happening to other families, I will be offering a free mini session every other month to a family who can’t otherwise afford to or can‘t schedule a session around medical issues, etc. I would love to hear nominations if you have a family in mind that hasn’t had pictures done in the last few years. Send their story my way to candace@jacksondesigns.ca, subject matter: NOMINATION

I will also be donating $10 from each regular session, and $50 from each full wedding package to a selection of organizations and projects supporting awareness of social injustice and change in the way we perceive things like mental health, abuse, etc. I will choose a different project every few months, and want to highlight them on my site for the duration.

Fireworks & Popsicles

Summer has arrived. We’re lined up for a little heat wave here in the southwest, and I am checking out for a couple of weeks to take our very first family vacation! It’s not terribly exciting, but we’re house sitting for two weeks close to Edmonton where we can take the kids to experience so many new things. We have  taken a weekend here and there to go see family, but haven’t yet had a family trip to focus on the four of  us. Here’s to our first exciting adventure together!!

I can’t go without leaving a few gorgeous shots from the past few weeks…

2017 Graduates

This season brings a lot of mixed feelings for me. Awe in how beautiful a sunset can be night after night. Exhaustion from shooting two sessions a day through a few weeks mid-June while chasing my three and five year old kiddos. Gratefulness in having a job that I love more than I ever thought possible. And finally fear counting the years that have ticked past since I was graduating myself. Ouch.

We’ve scaled valleys, climbed to the top of historic buildings, and crawled under bridges to get the best shots. It’s a point in life that is bursting with opportunities and possibilities, and I love being a part of it all. To the 2017 Swift Current and area graduates, Congratulations!!

Vendor Highlight – Three Strands Wedding Design

With the warm weather in full swing and the garden growing outside, I am starting to get wedding fever! Since I can’t plan another wedding of my own (oh how I would LOVE to do that now that I’ve seen so many gorgeous set ups), I thought I would put my energy into bringing you a little advice from one of my favourite local wedding vendors, Kirstin Patzer of Three Strands Wedding Design.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your life here in Swift Current:

I grew up just south of Swift Current, and went to Wymark School.  I have a lot of great memories attached to Swift Current.  My husband and I have a lot of family in the area so it’s great to be living here again.  We moved back from Edmonton this past summer with our two little girls and it was the perfect time for us to start turning my hobby into a real business.

What led you to start Three Strands Wedding Design?

I really enjoyed planning my own wedding in 2009, and I’ve always wanted to run my own business.  I guess you could say I have the entrepreneurial bug!  I started Three Strands as a side business to earn a little extra money before we had kids.  I was mostly doing planning for family and friends who were getting married.  I really love the opportunity to be involved in people’s weddings.  It’s such a special time in a relationship!  I feel very privileged every time a couple allows me to be part of their day.  I hope I can help couples find some peace from all the stress of a wedding.  Starting your life together should be an exciting time!

Tell me about Three Strands Wedding Design and what services you offer:

Right now Three Strands is just me.  I’ll be hiring an assistant for a few wedding days over the summer, so watch for that if you’re one of those people who has always been interested in wedding planning!

I offer two basic packages.  Couples can hire me to walk with them through the full planning process, from choosing a date and a theme, all the way up to the wedding day.  I help them find and book all their vendors and manage their budget and communication.

A lot of couples opt for coordination for the month of their wedding.  In this case, they do the bulk of the planning themselves and I come in about a month ahead and pull together all the details for them.  I become their point of contact for vendors and create a timeline and schedule for all the behind the scenes of the day.  For all my clients, I’m there to help at the rehearsal and to manage the whole day, making sure everything runs smoothly and on time.

What do you bring to each couple you work with that you feel they shouldn’t be without during the planning process?

An advocate!  Ask anyone who is married and they can tell about some crazy thing that went wrong with their wedding.  Sometimes it’s crazy family drama, sometimes it’s a vendor that messes up or doesn’t show, often it’s a miscommunication between people, or some important guest missed the turn and is an hour late.  No matter what happens, I’m there to be your voice and shield you from all the craziness.  I tell my clients that they won’t even know about problems that come up until after they’re solved….and even then I often don’t tell!  You don’t need to think about anything on your wedding day except remembering every moment.

What should our readers know about you and your business that they may not see from a casual internet search?

Well hopefully I’ve done a good job of representing myself online, but I think the hardest thing to get across is just how much I love working with them.  Every time someone books with me I do a little happy dance!  And I love getting to know couples and what makes them unique.  People are so interesting!  Weddings are so personal now, and I often end up functioning as a best friend during planning.  I love that I get to hang out with awesome people for my job!

What is your favourite piece of advice for a bride and groom planning their wedding day?

Hire a planner!   Haha.  That might sound like a really big plug for my business, but it’s so true.  Anyone who is  married says the same thing.  Obviously, I’d prefer it if couples hired me, but honestly, anyone who’s not a guest at your wedding is better than what often ends up happening.  Don’t put that on your family or friends, no matter how much they say they’d love it.  I’ve done weddings for family and friends, and I’ve stopped now.  You can’t be a guest and a coordinator.

Tell us about your dream project. What would you do with your skills if you could direct any creative project from start to finish?

Promise not to tell my husband?!  He thinks my dreams sound expensive!  Haha.  My dream is to run a conference/retreat centre where people could hold mini-destination weddings and events.  I’d love to be able to provide a place with a beautiful banquet hall, gardens, a little inn, some cabins and a campground.  That one will probably be just a dream for quite a while!

How can our readers contact you?

They can check out my website www.threestrands.ca.  All my contact info is there and they can also find me on Facebook and Instagram as Three Strands Wedding Design.

Before we go, please tell us all about the SW Wedding Expo that you’re organizing for February 2018:

I am so excited about this project!  It’s off to a great start with lots of interest from vendors all over the SW.  My idea is to host a wedding show that offers tonnes of inspiration and allows couples to meet with as many vendors as possible.  So far it’s coming together beautifully.  For now, vendors can contact me at hello@threestrands.ca or on Facebook or Instagram for all the information on participating.  Brides and grooms will have to wait until a little later in the summer to find out all our plans!

*Pictures attached are from a local vendor collaboration organized by Kirstin a few weeks ago.

Coordination: @threestrandswed
Styling: @farmersdaughterinteriors
Florals: @wildflower.florist.sk
Paper: @amyjorgensendesign
Hair: @nakitamarie
Makeup: @makeup_by_terrilyne
Cake: @dishfulgourmet
Jewelry: @fusionswiftcurrent
Gorgeous bride: @juanitalt5

Photography by Jackson Designs


It’s happened again. That shift. The feeling of wanting more from your work; more from your business. At the start of the year, I re-branded my Wedding Guide to reflect a fully digital package and a brighter, more authentic style that I have grown into. That still didn’t feel like quite enough. So I have made it my big 2017 goal to work on at least two creative projects – to shoot just for the love of shooting, and nothing else! As soon as I had that written on my wall (where I post all things business above my monitors), an opportunity presented itself. A wildly talented and amazing group of wedding vendors here in Swift Current were getting together for a Palm Springs in SK mock wedding to showcase their talent. And I was invited to take part! I said “yes please” so fast that I almost jumped out of my chair!

We planned, collaborated, and pulled it all together in a little barn half an hour outside of town. It was beautiful! The images aren’t ready to go live yet, but I want to share a sneak peek with all of you. Stay tuned for the big reveal!!

The Importance of an Engagement Session

I am frequently asked if I can adjust my Wedding Package price to skip the engagement session for many reasons. Sometimes they have a family friend who has offered to do them, sometimes it’s an effort to save money (I get it, I do!). But, what I struggle to explain, is that the engagement session is so much more than pictures for me. Those few hours are so important for you and your photographer. They are the perfect opportunity for me to see how you move together, how you interpret my movement requests/instructions, and how easily you relax into each other with me around. It affects the type of lens I choose (can I get close to you comfortably, or are you nervous and need me to keep my distance a little), the posing I choose (couples who move a little bit stiff and uncomfortably sometimes shy away from the little games and exercises that bring out the laughs and giggles and need a little more hands-on posing).

The engagement session also offers you an opportunity to see how I work. To see how I give instruction, how we move together to achieve the look and final product we envision. Having those hours together gives us a great chance to build a good working relationship and be prepared on your wedding day. They are so important to me and how I work that I always recommend setting aside a few hours for it even if you already have a session set up with that friend.

Better Together

Today the clock rolls past 36 years old for this body of mine here on Earth. Three days ago, a friend that I haven’t kept in touch with enough but considered a beautiful soul and a wonderful mother of two, passed away. Unexpectedly. Suddenly. And breaking the hearts of everyone who knew her. This year has been very emotional and given us a lot of reason for reflection and directing our lives toward putting our energy into the things that bring us happiness and peace. SO I have found a group of local women in business to work with on a new project in March. We want to create something beautiful and showcase what we’re all capable of doing. It has been a few years since I arranged a project just for the love of creativity, and this year I am going to find my passion and put my focus on the style I love to create.

Until those image are made available, I have weddings, birthdays, newborns and engagements to show you!