The Importance of an Engagement Session

I am frequently asked if I can adjust my Wedding Package price to skip the engagement session for many reasons. Sometimes they have a family friend who has offered to do them, sometimes it’s an effort to save money (I get it, I do!). But, what I struggle to explain, is that the engagement session is so much more than pictures for me. Those few hours are so important for you and your photographer. They are the perfect opportunity for me to see how you move together, how you interpret my movement requests/instructions, and how easily you relax into each other with me around. It affects the type of lens I choose (can I get close to you comfortably, or are you nervous and need me to keep my distance a little), the posing I choose (couples who move a little bit stiff and uncomfortably sometimes shy away from the little games and exercises that bring out the laughs and giggles and need a little more hands-on posing).

The engagement session also offers you an opportunity to see how I work. To see how I give instruction, how we move together to achieve the look and final product we envision. Having those hours together gives us a great chance to build a good working relationship and be prepared on your wedding day. They are so important to me and how I work that I always recommend setting aside a few hours for it even if you already have a session set up with that friend.

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