It’s happened again. That shift. The feeling of wanting more from your work; more from your business. At the start of the year, I re-branded my Wedding Guide to reflect a fully digital package and a brighter, more authentic style that I have grown into. That still didn’t feel like quite enough. So I have made it my big 2017 goal to work on at least two creative projects – to shoot just for the love of shooting, and nothing else! As soon as I had that written on my wall (where I post all things business above my monitors), an opportunity presented itself. A wildly talented and amazing group of wedding vendors here in Swift Current were getting together for a Palm Springs in SK mock wedding to showcase their talent. And I was invited to take part! I said “yes please” so fast that I almost jumped out of my chair!

We planned, collaborated, and pulled it all together in a little barn half an hour outside of town. It was beautiful! The images aren’t ready to go live yet, but I want to share a sneak peek with all of you. Stay tuned for the big reveal!!

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