Bumble & Vine Photography

***Our new website and home is bumbleandvine.ca***  As of July 29, 2017 this page will not be updated. You are welcome to look through this site; it will remain active as we transition to our new name.

Many of you know where Jackson Designs comes from – my maiden name, but what most of you don’t realize is that the name was chosen while building my business in graphic design, not photography.

It was chosen to convey a professional corporate image fitting for that industry, BUT since moving into wedding and family photography I’ve been feeling like “Jackson Designs” doesn’t convey the kind of warmth and creativity I want people to see.

So, that leaves me with this exciting announcement: on August 01, 2017 Jackson Designs will become Bumble & Vine Photography. The logo is in the works, but the name is registered, and the domain is mine!!

With success comes social responsibility. As I transition Jackson Designs to Bumble and Vine Photography, I am introducing a new plan to give back in two ways:

When my dad passed away, we realized that we only had a handful of pictures of him, and only a couple with one or two of us in there with him. To keep his memory alive, and prevent that happening to other families, I will be offering a free mini session every other month to a family who can’t otherwise afford to or can‘t schedule a session around medical issues, etc. I would love to hear nominations if you have a family in mind that hasn’t had pictures done in the last few years. Send their story my way to candace@jacksondesigns.ca, subject matter: NOMINATION

I will also be donating $10 from each regular session, and $50 from each full wedding package to a selection of organizations and projects supporting awareness of social injustice and change in the way we perceive things like mental health, abuse, etc. I will choose a different project every few months, and want to highlight them on my site for the duration.

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