Stay a While…


My name is Candace Schwartz and I am based out of Swift Current, SK with my husband Josh, our kids Chase & Emma, and a small pack of four-legged best friends. I love photography & design and am inspired by our panoramic prairie view of the sky, good quality coffee, and the love I see in the families I meet.

I love that an image can portray how intensely emotions are felt when a soldier comes home, it can move you to feel the optimism and love of a wedding, or make you melt at the way a baby looks into his mother’s eyes. I love the way a poster can strike a chord inside and make you want to join the team or volunteer for the cause… It’s just amazing when something that someone has created can trigger an emotional response in your heart – like you were there when it came to life!

I want to give you memories that make you grin when you walk past them hanging in the hall – the way your little girls eyes crinkle when she laughs, the way your son wiggles his toes when he thinks, or how carefree they look dancing in the rain. Those small every day moments that make you smile from ear to ear. It means relaxing, unwinding, and spending time together – the perfect evening!